Sunday, September 15, 2013

Top Monster

Miss Emely has held the Top Monster trophy 3 weeks in a row! 

How does one earn the Top Monster trophy?

We use Class Dojo for behavior management in class. 
Class Dojo is an awesome app/website that lets me communicate with parents weekly regarding their child's behavior in class. I just input points as the kids earn them using my computer or phone and the website emails the parents a report every Friday. I think I've had more parent interaction this year so far than the last 2 combined, simply by using this program! If you're a teacher check it out! If you're a parent of one of my students and you haven't signed up to get email reports, contact me and we'll get you set up! 

Students can earn points for participation, teamwork, helping out, turning in their homework on time, returning signed papers, doing their class jobs, writing a weekly math story problem, doing extra credit, filling out their daily sticky note sharing what they learned, mastering skills, staying on task, being creative, and wearing their spirit shirts on Fridays. 

Students can also lose points for things like: not turning in their work, talking in line, being disrespectful, being off task, having a messy desk, being unprepared, not working quietly, and not getting along with others. 

Why Top "Monster"? Class Dojo uses monsters as avatars for the kids (and they can design their own monster) plus my door has a giant Minion ( from Despicable Me) on it, so I made it a Monster themed trophy. It's an honor, not meant to be demeaning and the kids love having that little Minion on their desk!

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