Sunday, November 20, 2011

Mount Everest Inspired

This week in class we've been learning about mountains, and that led to a discussion & video about Mount Everest. The video we watched was EVEREST: IMAX. Which was mentioned in our reading book in a small article written by the film-maker. Have your kid bring home their reading book and share this article with you. It's great!

Here's what we learned as told by Laila...

I learned a lot about Mount Everest when I watched the movie about it. I learned that it is more dangerous at the top than at the bottom because there is less oxygen and you can't breathe. Lots of people died climbing Mount Everest, but a very small amount has made it all the way up and all the way down. Mount Everest is the tallest mountain in the world! It is about 29,000 feet! That is tall! I would not want to climb that high. I get scared of heights!

Here's a fictional story inspired by what we learned about Everest, written by Tyson.

It took place in the middle of Everest. Still climbing to freedom...freedom of climbing the highest mountain in the world. Accomplishing the hardest goal of your life, EVEREST! Still pushing, hard things coming at you, you're dodging them but still more are coming! Barely there, still going. You barely take a footstep and an avalanche is coming down at you, but you keep going. Finally up on top, made it! All of a sudden you get lightheaded, you get dizzy, and you pass out, you can't breathe. Up there all by yourself, no hospital. Suddenly you die and no one knows about it. Another person goes up there and finds your body. They go down and your wife is crying, and your son. You hear a silent moment of sadness & disappointment.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Native American Dancing

For Native American Week we had some really awesome visitors come to our school.

Lane Jensen & Nate Bahe (both classmates of Miss Jaster's from elementary-high school) came to demonstrate Native American dancing and singing for our whole school. Nate is also the uncle of Deon & Payton from our class! How awesome is that! ?

Here are some photos from their visit!

Here's a video of the hoop dance, sadly Miss Jaster is kind of a spaz and had the camera sideways for most of it, but it's still cool to watch!

Want to learn more about these great dancers sharing their Native culture?
Check out their website here: NATIVE PRIDE ARTS.