Monday, January 19, 2015

Haunted House For Sale

I've been a bad teacher-blogger this year. Chalk it up to additional stress both at home & at school, plus a new volunteer gig at the local animal shelter. I try to be a good example for my students and show that being an active community member is an important thing. My shelter volunteer work is an amazing experience, one I've shared with my students. In fact just last week I had them write about one oft he shelter dogs, Rocket, in their journals. A few days later, Rocket had a new home, with one of my students! She was so touched by his story that her family adopted him! I am so thrilled for them! 

Now to share some Halloween writing & art by this year's crew. They were asked to write a descriptive advertisement to sell a haunted house, then we made some cool haunted house silhouettes in art. 

            Advertising an exciting new house. Non living vampires, if you're out there I suggest you pay attention because this house is perfect for you! It has pitch black bloody coffins for beds. Also, a big exciting pool of slimy red blood. If you like to boogie this house has a fun and cool exciting party room with a shiny, sparkling disco ball. And plenty more! If you are interested please call ... It's only $729.00 a month. 

By: Alex

          Haunted , spooky house for sale! This big, funky house is perfect for werewolves! It has disgusting, flowing blood and a creaky open window perfect to see the full, white, spooky moon! It is scary and full of funky stuff! It also has a deadly, bony graveyard! It is also disgusting! 

By Cody

  This amazing, scary house would be perfect for a crazy mad scientist, because there is an evil dissecting lab where he or she can do their cool, gooey experiments. There is a gross meat filled room where you can put your huge ugly monsters and a deadly killing room where you can put the big dangerous monsters you do not want. 
    There is a moldy old storage room where you can put the extra monster parts you are not using and a scary dreadful bring to life room where you can bring your monsters to life! Of course there is a webby bathroom and a fizzy potion room. There is a spooky dark arena for giant angry monsters to battle and of course there is a little slouched Iror to help. 
By Cade

This is a cool house for a mad creepy scientist because it has scary experiments and a smelly old Frankenstien. This spooky house has a dark scary laboratory. It also has a cool lab coat and people to test awesome experiments on. This amazing laboratory has scary animals to test on too, like scary apes! It also has an invisible King Kong, so please by it! 

By Loren

** The artworks selected do no go with the writing. I choose the best samples of each. So the artist and writer do not always match up in this article. I will edit this post with the artists names later.