Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Science Fair Time

Today we performed an experiment that was inspired by Mythbusters.
No we didn't blow anything up!

Question: Will mint or fruit flavored Mentos candy cause the bigger soda fountain when added to diet cola?

Hypothesis: Most of us thought the mint would work better because it is not as smooth.

1. Unscrew soda lids.
2. Hold up double yardstick near soda.
3.Grasp 3 mentos in one hand and drop into soda.
4. Measure how high it goes!
5. Repeat with other flavor of candy & a new bottle of pop.

The mint soda fountain reached beyond our double yardstick... about 89 inches!! (That's about 7 and a half feet!! ) only 1 cup and 110 ml remained in the bottle.

The fruit soda fountain only reached a height of 39 inches...about 3 feet. There were 2 cups left of soda in the bottle.

We made a mistake in our experiment. Only 1 fruit mento was dropped into the bottle

Our hypothesis was correct. We watched Mythbusters afterwards where they explained that the cause of this reaction was NUCLEATION. Little bubbles of CO2 from the soda attach themselves to the pits in the candy and cause the reaction. The fruit candy is less pitted therefore it doesn't work as well.

If students wish to complete a science project AT HOME the proposal for this project is due on MONDAY. This is an optional extra credit assignment. We will be doing some science projects in groups in class to enter in the science fair.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

An Important Lesson

The day before Christmas Break we had a guest speaker (my dad, a retired EMT) come in and teach us first aid. We learned several important things. See if your child can answer the following questions:

Why is it important to know your address?
What number should you call in case of an emergency?
How can you help someone who is bleeding badly?
How can you help someone who is choking (and not coughing)?
How can you help a baby if it is choking?
What should you do EVERY time you get into a car?

That last one is most important and everyone got it right on the post test... PUT ON YOUR SEATBELT! It could save your life!
You don't want to end up in pain like this guy... or worse!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Elves for Hire

Tyson the Elf
by Tyson

My name is Tyson. I am a 2 foot man, you know me as Santa's helper. I'm the one who goes to your house in a teeny red or green suit that gives presents to you for my boss, SANTA! Apparently, I don't get paid, that's why I'm a helper. But I love helping small precious kids without parents or presents. Every fantastic year us tiny talented helpers create presents and wrap them for little kids. What I mean by talented is: we make toys, stack gifts as high as 1,000 feet, wrap toys, and go down the chimneys. We go around the humongous amazing Earth delivering 30 presents in less than 15 seconds at each house. There is a whole bunch of houses! This is Tyson the Elf. The End.

by Kyle

Dear Santa,
I would be a great worker Elf for you because I made a toy truck for my brother. I made a homemade vase for my grandma. I made some jewelry for my grandpa, that's how he learned how to make jewelry. My height is 4 feet tall and I am very flexible. I like to wear tights and Elf costumes too. I could even make my ears get pointy. If you hire me I would be there right away and I would be so happy and do whatever you say! I'll be there and do it. Plus I am a good boy and I do lots of stuff.

Snow Globe Stories

We wrote about being trapped in a snow globe, and created this awesome art project to go with it.

Here are a few of my favorite snow globe stories.

On Christmas day my grandma got m some solid gold shoes, but I didn't wear them, I hung them on my wall. My friends Deon & Tyson came over and came in my room. They saw the shoes and dared me to put them on, so I did. I tapped the heels together and suddenly I flashed out of the house. The pressure on my face was so hard I instantly fell asleep.
When I woke up I found myself in a giant snow globe! But it wasn't giant, it was a REAL small snow globe! I wasn't alone, there was a monkey there too! The monkey and I became best friends, but I was still wondering how to get out of there. It seemed like I lost my memory, I couldn't remember how I got in the snow globe. I looked around and suddenly I looked down at my shoes! I forgot that my gold shoes had got me into the snow globe in the first place. I tapped them together but nothing happened. I tapped again, still nothing! I tapped again, and again. Soon I started banging them and the monkey got so scared he ran into the igloo. I banged them together so hard they cracked and broke. I just sat there looking at them. My temper started to rise. I picked up one shoe and threw it. It hit the glass and I heard a crack. The water was draining. It was so strong that it sucked me and the monkey out. It threw us out. I was about to hit the glass, but then I woke up. It was all a dream! I was so happy! So, I went back to sleep.
By: Coran

One cold winter day I woke up and found myself trapped inside a snowglobe! I panicked! I was scared. Then a giant snowman came up to me and almost smashed me! I ran as fast as I could. I ran into a house, a gingerbread house! It was like a dream to me, but in real life. I pinched myself. It was not a dream, it was real! I looked for an exit, but there was not one. I tried to break out, but I couldn't break the glass. Some people came out of the house, they were gingerbread people. They tried to get me out of there, and then they tried to eat me! They thought I was a cookie. I kept trying to get out of there. I got some of the candy off the house and hit a tree.I smashed the glass and I was out of there. I was free forever.
By: Darius

One cold winter day I woke up and found myself trapped in a snowglobe. I got up and said "What am I in?" I knocked on the glass. I was angry because I wanted out of there! I sat there until I saw a town and a fluffy snowman. Wow! The snowman was not real with snow, it was plastic. It had a hat with stripes on it. I grabbed the fluffy snowman and ran at the wall. THUNK!! There I was, lying on the snow. I heard a crack in the glass. I jumped to my feet and stared. There the glass went crashing down like tiny rocks. I was as excited as a bee! I got free from the glass, climbed down from the shelf, and left the house.
By: Deon

"Gifted" at Poetry.

Before Christmas my students wrote some poetry about gifts. Here are two of my favorites.

I have an exciting present under the colorful tree,
From santa Claus,
As precious as an angel's wings.
All bright on the outside with bright colors of
Sponge Bob & Patrick.
As colorful as a rainbow,
As heavy as a backpack filled with books.
It smells like tape,
It sounds like a box of legos,
What could it be?
Could it by a small toy,
A lot of hair clips,
Or a box of new crayons?
I have a strange present under the tree,
I wonder what it could be.


I have a green and red humongous wrapped present under the dark green decorated Christmas tree, from huge crystal white beard Santa Claus.
As precious as my great fantastic family.
All bright on the outside with blue elves and Santa in his gym suit, white snowflakes with a red and green background.
As colorful as the Vegas strip at night at wintertime.
As heavy as two tons of gas on diesel driving through Holbrook town in the cold winter.
It smells like eggs, bacon, sausage,toast and Christmas ham in the morning on Christmas Day.
It sounds like baby rattles and cracking bones and bacon sizzling in the pan.
What could it be?
Could it be a cow skin football or wide receiver gloves,
a Dez Bryant jersey, or a blue and red trampoline?
I have a gigantic present under the tree, I wonder what it could be.