Sunday, October 20, 2013

Dreams Do Come True.

The whole school knows how much Miss Jaster loves Josh Groban
(about as much as she hates bananas)

Over fall break she got to see him in concert for the 10th time, 
not only that, but before the show she got to meet him backstage
and have her photo taken with him.
Yes, that happened. :) 

So did this...
Josh answered Miss Jaster's question on stage,
in front of like 30,000 people.
You can see it at the beginning of this video.

 Moral of the story: Never give up on your dreams! :)

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

CSI: Crime Scene Inferencing

On Family Reading Night last week the 4th grade classes hosted Crime Scene investigation activities.

Using inferencing skills students were challenged to solve the four mysteries by reading a short story and viewing the clues. The activity was a hit with parents and students alike. Here are some photos of our "Crime Scenes"

The "crimes" were all silly & non violent. The suspects were all teachers/ staff at the school. 

One crime was : Who drew mustaches all over Miss Jaster's Josh Groban scrapbook?
The culprit was Mr. Hansen, who was jealous of Josh's curly hair. ; )

Another case involved Miss Reidhead brining a bunch of cows to school as a joke.

Then there was crazy Miss Jaster who stole the Winslow Bulldog mascot.

Mr. Ferguson was also a criminal. He stole all the school's toilet paper to decorate for his birthday party. 

Mr. Ferguson also made these funny "Law & Order"
style disclaimers. :) 

Pig House Project

Every year we read the "Three Little Cyberpigs" & challenge our 4th graders to create their own home for the 3 pigs. Here are some of this year's pig houses...

Johnny chose to make his house edible with 
marshmallow bricks, a jellybean tree, and coconut grass!

Kaylee decided to scare her wolf away with 
Halloween decorations.

Elena's Electric house was decorated inside & out!

Aren't Emely's marshmallow piggies the cutest!?

Emily's house may look flimsy,
but it had a few tricks up its sleeve.

Dustin & Dominick used Lego bricks to build their houses.
A police force kept the Lego wolf at bay.

Eli's pigs enjoyed sunbathing on the roof of his futuristic looking house.

Kaitlyn made her own clay to create her piggy!
King's pig house was camouflaged to match the desert surroundings.
Nizhonni's two story house was built of some very pretty "bricks"

Isaiah's 30 second teepee looks like the Wigwam Motel.
Tanisha used straws to built her fence, and spoons for her palm trees.

Trevaughn made his home out of Marshmallows & toothpicks.

Here's our little pig house neighborhood. : )

Thanks to all who participated in this extra credit project!

Long Division Style!

Here's the video we watched in class today. Maybe it will help you remember the steps to long division! :) I know the class is interested in doing our own math song. We just need to find an acceptable sone we can change the words to now, bring your suggestions to Miss Jaster!