Monday, September 5, 2011

Watermelon Joy

We really enjoyed our fruit of the week: Mini Seedless Watermelon!They were sweet, juicy and sticky, but OH SO YUMMY! The perfect healthy treat for a hot day! Thanks Nurses! We LOVE this program! :)

Each student got eighth and one sixteenth of a watermelon. So how many sixteenths of watermelon did each student receive? Write your answer down on a sheet of paper titled BLOG EXTRA CREDIT & turn it in with your homework.

For more extra credit GO HERE:
Washington DC Buildings & Monuments.

Have FUN! ~ Miss Jaster

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Our Hybrid Fruits

We have a new program at our school where we get fresh fruits and veggies once or twice a week. So far we've had grapes, Saturn peaches, Cuties, watermelon, cherries, & pluots. Pluots are hybrid fruit, a cross between a plum and an apricot. Our class pretended to be farm scientists and created their own hybrid fruits. Here are some of their unique creations!

The Keplenut
by Coran
I have discovered a new fruit, it's called the Keplenut. It has very rough skin and it comes from Jamaica. The way to open it is to cut it open. You can eat it two ways: stick your face in it, or get a spoon and dig it out like a kiwi. WARNING!: Kepelnuts are not good with salt even though it has kiwi in it. They weigh FIVE HUNDRED POUNDS! So watch out for back breaks. This company does not apply health insurance, so don't put the blame on us!

The Plapple
by Laila
If I was a farm scientist I would mix a plum and an apple together and name it a Plapple! It would be very sweet and juicy! I would have 5 seeds. It would be purple on the outside and red on the inside. It has a hole in the bottom of it. It is also very big! It is 4 inches! It grows in groups! It is green when not ripe. It grows in hot places, but not in the desert! It would be good for juice too! The juice is called Plapplta!

The Napple
By Gabby
I discovered a new fruit called a Napple. It grows in Cuba on bushes in the Spring. It has the bottom of a banana and the top of a whole apple. It has a hard skin and has to be peeled. The Napple is sold in stores such as Safeway and Wal-mart. It tastes like blackberries and chocolate. The apple is the size of a basketball and the banana is the size of a pencil. Napples are mixed color and taste amazing and soft inside.

The Banana Berry
By Deon
I made a new fruit called the banana berry. It is sweet, green, and juicy. My fruit is smooth like a bowling ball. It is made from seed berries and strawberries. It grows from a giant root. People grow it in Houston, Texas. There is a big root at the top of my fruit.

The Cherrapple
By Orin
I made a new seed called Laree then I put the seed in the hard soft sand and I poured water on it. The seed grows in three weeks, if you miss one day it will be sour. The fruit is the size of a baseball but with a long stem. The fruit is found in Dallas, Texas in the windy places. When it is sprouting it is going out of the ground. Clean the roots and then put it back in the ground. The fruit usually has a seed but some don't have seeds. The fruit is juicy, and it is shiny like a cherry and an apple combined. The stem is hard to get off.

The Orap
By Shania
I discovered a new fruit, and the name of this fruit is the Orap. It tastes both sour and sweet. It looks like part of an apple and part of an orange. It is big like a baseball. You don't have to peel it. It has seeds in the middle of it. The color of it is red and orange mixed color together. It is smooth and soft. It grows in my backyard in the trees and in the sun. I discovered it so there will be more fruit and so people can taste it and you can get more healthy by eating it. I love this new fruit named Orap so I can get more energy and so I can get healthy. The kind of seeds that is in this new fruit is those tiny seeds.

The ManBerry
by Elizabeth
I discovered a new type of fruit called a manberry. It is combined mango with strawberry. I combined it with my favorite fruit and put it together. I came up with that name because it has mango and strawberry. It tastes like mango and strawberry. It is medium sized and has one seed in it. The color is red, orange, & yellow. It is round and a little bit sour. You can just eat it, you don't have to take off the skin. It is smooth, it is not hard, it feels like smooth hair. It grows in Florida and some other parts of the United States. You can eat it to make you healthy.