Sunday, November 29, 2009

What we've been up to..

We have a PUBLISHED writer in our class!! We write our opinions on the question of the week frequently, and send them into Weekly Reader, and one of the letters by a student in our class was chosen and published in the Weekly Reader! Thousands of kids and teachers all over the US read her words! How cool is that!? WAY TO GO AMBER!!

We've been studying mimicry & camouflage in science and made these cool posters. Can you spot the hidden butterflies? There are 3 on each poster!







We're also working hard in accelerated math. We're competing on teams to see who can get the most points by winter break! The winners will get a prize! Looks like those "Decimal Demons" are in the lead! (Note, there are 2 teams that are NOT in the you might not see your child's name up there. Ask them how many points they've got!)

Check out our Mastery Club board. Look at all those facts mastered!! (Each star is a fact mastered & memorized). Want to know specifics? Check out the Mastery Club link on the right to see what the questions are! This goes until the end of the year, so encourage your child to master more! The mastery club link can help them study these!

Don't forget!! The annual Hulet Christmas Concert is on Thursday December 4th @ 6:30 at the Performing Arts Center at the High School. Mrs. Self has planned a fantastic show as always!
Because of the concert there will be no homework on Thursday! :) See you there!

Also the PTSA is having a Food Drive from now until December 17th. If you are able, please send non-perishable food items for the food drive. Thanks for all you do!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

WW II Links

We've been learning a little about World War II in class, because the books we're reading:
"Snow Treasure" & "Frederich" (in reading 2) are set during this time period.

Remember this picture we talked about in class? Tell your parent's about it!

I know a lot of you are curious about this time period, and there just isn't a whole lot of time in class to teach about it, so here are some links with more information!

Woodlands Junior School

kids konnect

BBC- Children of WW2

Kid's View of WW2

The Boy in the Striped Pajamas
Movie/Book. I've read and seen this movie (and read the book) and highly recommend them both!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Mini Movie: Revenge of Rabies

My reading tier 2 students created these movies after reading about stop animation in the Weekly Reader. We had a really fun time making them.

This movie was made by Kevin & Skylar. They wrote, drew, animated, and added the sound.

What happens when Rabies the squirrel stills Bert's homework? Watch and find out!

Mini Movie: Twilight Inspired

This adaption of Twilight was created by Kayla, Amber, & Raquel.
They drew the pictures, animated them with stop motion photo animation, and added the sound.

Twilight characters are the property of Stephanie Meyer & Summit Entertainment.
This is a video adaption by a few young fans- no infringement intended. :)

Mini Movie: Fight to the Death

This movie was created by Tyrell & Zachery using stop motion photo animation.
They wrote, drew, animated, and added the sound themselves.

A wrestling match plus a food fight, see what happens when these two scenarios are combined!

Mini Movie: Alien Invasion

This movie was created by Josh & Joseph using stop motion photography.
They wrote, animated (drew & moved) ,and added the sound themselves.

Aliens decide to invade earth but end up in an epic battle against some local monsters and the armies of the world. Watch to see who wins!

Mini Movie: Secret Agent Duel

This movie was made by Zakhari & Trent using stop animation photos.
They wrote, animated (draw & moved the pictures), and created all the sound.

It features Agent Chip & Agent Alien fighting in a New York skyscraper who realize the value of teamwork when their common nemesis Calvin the FBI agent tries to bust them.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Like Baby Animals?

Check out this website!!
It shares pictures of baby animals from zoos all over the world!
Look at this baby Loggerhead sea turtle, just like in the story from class this week!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Scholastic Book Order

Book order flyers were sent home today. Please send them back to school by November 10th (next Tuesday) if you wish to order. Or you can place your order online here:

Scholastic Book Clubs

If you order online the classroom library earns free books! The username & password is the same as last time. I'll send home a reminder letter this week.


Extra Credit #1

Want some extra credit points? Just write the answers on a piece of paper and turn them into the extra credit basket at school by Tuesday, November 10. Please label it BLOG EXTRA CREDIT #1 and don't forget your name!

Part 1: Name the prepositional phrases in these sentences.
Be careful! Some of them have more than one!

1. Kaitee dropped the paintbrush on the floor.
2. Under the chair, my dog whines loudly.
3. Miss Jaster flew over the Atlantic in a plane to London.
4. There are two candles in Amy's jack-o-lantern.
5. In the fall, I like to sleep under my fuzzy blanket.

Part 2: Solve these algebra problems.
Find the number that each variable is equal to.

6. 39-h= 20
7. 48/z= 6
8. 9* k= 99
9. 78+ j= 109
10. 3b+b= 24 (worth 2 points!)

These are review of things we've done in class recently.
If you're stuck, try reading the links in the directions to help you remember. :)

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Weekly Update

Here's some highlights of our week!

Monday: We went to the Red Ribbon Assembly and saw some drug free skits that the high school drama club did.

Tuesday: We learned a cool new Halloween song in music called "Dem Wacky Bones."

Wednesday: It snowed!! (The first time in 18 YEARS in October in Holbrook!)

So we had PE inside and played basketball.

Thursday: We went to a volleyball game and watched the 5th graders beat the teachers! The score was 4 to 5. (We also got to watch the drug sniffing dog from Winslow do a demonstration.)

Friday: We had a Halloween party and the Honors Assembly.
Here's a list of the people who got Honor Roll in our class:

Joseph, Amber, Me (Kayla), Zachery, Josh, Marshal, Skylar ,Tyrell, Zakhari, Trent ,Crystal, & Stephen.

Amber & Tyrell got character counts awards and Cruz & Joseph had perfect attendance.
Great job EVERYONE!! :)

~ Student Reporter: Kayla