Thursday, January 28, 2010


Here are a couple more math games to play at home! I'll add these to the links list too! :)

OCSD Interactive Math Games : includes the SUM SENSE game we played in class today.
It's down at the bottom of the list.

BBC Starship Maths: site from the UK, includes the "Cross the Swap" game we played today.

Have fun!!!!!!!
Also, don't forget, online book orders must be placed by this SUNDAY!

~Miss J.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Hey kids, here's the link to the game we were playing today in class.
There were so many 100's on that quiz!! I'm so proud of you! :)

Bracket Basics

I added it to the links list too, it's listed as MATH GAMES.
There are other games on the same site for practicing division, grid coordinates, and place value multiplication. Check them out!!!

~Miss Jaster

Monday, January 18, 2010

Class Science Project

I'm so excited to see so many of you are going to enter the science fair.
Here's the project we did in class last week, which was tons of fun.
It was an example of how to use the scientific method more than anything.
We pretty much knew the answer to our question before we began.

Question: If you eat Pop Rocks & soda will you explode? (Lots of parents in the 80s thought so! So many that the Pop Rocks company even started a hot line for them to call!)

Hypothesis: No, probably not, because carbon dioxide (an active ingredient in both) is safe.

Procedure: We wanted to see how putting the two together would react before we combined them in our mouths.

So first we got a funnel and put a balloon on the bottom of it & poured the Pop Rocks in the funnel to fill up the balloon. We used a whole package for each group.

Then we put the balloon on the top of a soda bottle, and poured the rocks from the balloon into the soda. This inflated the balloons, slowly.

Observation: They didn't get huge, but some got bigger than others. I think those groups may have shaken their soda. The smallest yellow balloon had a hole in it we discovered later.

Then it was time to try it ourselves. Everyone got a handful of Pop Rocks and a small cup of soda (We borrowed some swish cups from the nurse.) Before putting them all in our mouths we looked at them through a magnifying glass. You could see the carbon dioxide bubbles in the Pop Rocks! (That's what makes them pop by the way, the pressurized CO2 in the candy is released when you put it in your mouth. There's over 600 PSI in each one!)

Conclusion: Putting Pop Rocks and soda in your mouth at the same time does NOT make you explode... but it is pretty funny. Especially when you teacher does it with a whole bag, and you make her laugh and she spits Pop Rocks & soda ALL OVER the place!


My Reading Class was inspired by "The Z Was Zapped" by Chris Van Allsburg to create these alphabet books. They were given to the preschoolers here at Hulet who enjoyed them very much!

Here are some highlights from each book.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Science Fair

The Hulet Science Fair is coming February 12th!

We will be doing some group projects in class, but if your child wants to do their own project they may do so at home. Just return the green slip I sent home Friday by the 15th and I will send a science fair packet home. When the packet/project is done, return the packet to school for your display board. All display boards must be turned in by the 12th. No late entries will be accepted by the science fair judges!

All projects done outside of class will be for extra credit points!
Keep in mind 5th graders are required to do science projects so this would be great practice!

Need ideas for projects? Check out these links!
Science Buddies
All Science Fair Projects
Steve Spangler Science
Science Made Simple

Monday, January 4, 2010

Division Fun

Here's the link to the DIVISION MACHINE game that we played today in class.
I'll add it to the side links too.