Sunday, August 25, 2013

Where is Miss Jaster?

Last Tuesday I took a day off school without telling my students. I had friends visiting the area from Hawaii and wanted to show them around. I left the following journal prompt in my absence: "Where is Miss Jaster today? " With the promise that the best one would win a prize. I couldn't pick just one. I chose six!  They were all so creative! I've decided as part of their prize the top 3 will be shared here on the blog.  Enjoy these creative kids!  The writing is all theirs, I may have corrected a couple of spelling mistakes and added fun titles :) 

3rd Place: "The Pedicure" by Kaylee

     Once upon a time in the real world, Miss Jaster was getting ready for school. "I'm going to have the most fun day at school!!!" said Miss Jaster jumping up and down. Suddenly when she was walking outside she heard a loud thump. There it was again. Then she found an ELEPHANT! The elephant grabbed Miss Jaster and carried her to the mall where they go their nails done. "Awesome!" Miss Jaster said, "Best day EVER!!"

2nd Place: "Somewhere in China" by Dominick

Miss Jaster is gone because she went with Mr. Ferguson to China to get Chinese food for the class, and went to get her sister from the Chinese gang who took her sister. She is a spy and Mr.Ferguson is too, but they didn't tell us that. I looked in the police spy files because my mom's friend helped me hack into the computer. They would not come back until they paid the price. So I took a flight to China and looked for them. I saw Mr. Ferguson at the food court getting Chinese food for the two of them. Then I saw her sister. They were trying to get Miss Jaster, but I sprung into action and fought the gang and untied her sister and ran to the van because there was a bomb. Then we went back to Holbrook, Arizona where we live and got interviewed for fighting the toughest gang in China.

1st Place: "Queen of Candyland" by Tanisha

Miss Jaster is at Candyland. She is eating chocolate brownies and jumping bears. She's playing in melted chocolate. She sees minions and bananas. She is screaming, " Don't eat the bananas!" She is swimming in a gumball pool. She sees a gingerbread man walking on a Starburst path. "Mmmm!" she screamed. She loved Starbursts! So she walked on the Starburst path and followed the gingerbread man to the Candy Palace where she was crowned Queen of Candyland! She ate lots of candy. "it's great!" she shouted. She always ate candy, this is where Miss Jaster is.

In addition to these adventures I also fought, ninjas, dragons, & knights, flew on a lion to Paris and went to a Red Sox game. Some kids even included my dogs in their stories which I thought was totally sweet, even if they were being sprayed by skunks. :)

Note to parents: The Class Dojo Reports sent home on Friday were a little off on the point values. please refer to the website for the correct reports. I am not sure what happened there, software fluke or something. I did finally post grades to PASS for the first few weeks, if you need your child's PASS info, please contact the office. Have a lovely week! 

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  1. I used Class Dojo with my slightly wild class last year. It worked like a dream and they loved it!


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