Sunday, November 1, 2009

Weekly Update

Here's some highlights of our week!

Monday: We went to the Red Ribbon Assembly and saw some drug free skits that the high school drama club did.

Tuesday: We learned a cool new Halloween song in music called "Dem Wacky Bones."

Wednesday: It snowed!! (The first time in 18 YEARS in October in Holbrook!)

So we had PE inside and played basketball.

Thursday: We went to a volleyball game and watched the 5th graders beat the teachers! The score was 4 to 5. (We also got to watch the drug sniffing dog from Winslow do a demonstration.)

Friday: We had a Halloween party and the Honors Assembly.
Here's a list of the people who got Honor Roll in our class:

Joseph, Amber, Me (Kayla), Zachery, Josh, Marshal, Skylar ,Tyrell, Zakhari, Trent ,Crystal, & Stephen.

Amber & Tyrell got character counts awards and Cruz & Joseph had perfect attendance.
Great job EVERYONE!! :)

~ Student Reporter: Kayla

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