Saturday, October 24, 2009

Pig House Project

The entire fourth grade read "Three Little Cyberpigs" this week in class. We had a homework project to build a house out of alternative materials. This is what our class came up with.

Trent built his house out of egg cartons, brads, & shelf liners.
It includes a ladder made of popsicle sticks. What creative materials!

Joseph used cardboard, foam, & glue to make his home.
He also has a dinosaur security system!!

Josh's house is made of wood which he painted and stapled together.
His house has real shingle son top and a security system to keep wolves away.
See the little keypad by the door?

Sebastian made his house out of cardboard and
decorated it with red tissue paper. I love that double opening doorway!

Marcello's home is cardboard, covered with paper.
Check out those piggies inside the house!
The doorknob is a teeny tiny bead.

Kayla's cardboard house is covered with cotton ball snow and spaghetti icicles!
She used beans for rocks in her yard. It has an invisible electric fence to thwart wolves.

Raquel made her house out of cardboard which she painted.
The roof is also cardboard covered with paper. Her doorknob is a small screw!
I love how her house has that little addition in the back.

Julio taped together video game & dvd boxes to create his house.
It has voice activated security which smashes unwanted visitors with a large hammer.

Zachery used lego blocks to build his home.
It's waterproof and sturdy to keep those pigs dry and safe from wolf invasions.

Tyrell built his home out of a Coca-Cola box.
It has an escape hatch in the back and
is equipped with lasers on the roof to keep those wolves at bay!

Skylar built this lovely log cabin home out of cardboard, paper, and a toilet paper tube!
Any piggy would be proud to live here!

Colin built this awesome tepee for his pig to live in. It's made of leather, just like real tepees!!

Zakhari made this house from wood, screws, & a drill.
It's very sturdy, so no wolves can blow it down!

Amber's house is made of cardboard and tape. It's decorated with tape and the door delivers a powerful electric shock to wolves!

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