Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Extra Credit #1

Want some extra credit points? Just write the answers on a piece of paper and turn them into the extra credit basket at school by Tuesday, November 10. Please label it BLOG EXTRA CREDIT #1 and don't forget your name!

Part 1: Name the prepositional phrases in these sentences.
Be careful! Some of them have more than one!

1. Kaitee dropped the paintbrush on the floor.
2. Under the chair, my dog whines loudly.
3. Miss Jaster flew over the Atlantic in a plane to London.
4. There are two candles in Amy's jack-o-lantern.
5. In the fall, I like to sleep under my fuzzy blanket.

Part 2: Solve these algebra problems.
Find the number that each variable is equal to.

6. 39-h= 20
7. 48/z= 6
8. 9* k= 99
9. 78+ j= 109
10. 3b+b= 24 (worth 2 points!)

These are review of things we've done in class recently.
If you're stuck, try reading the links in the directions to help you remember. :)

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