Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Pig House Project

Every year we read the "Three Little Cyberpigs" & challenge our 4th graders to create their own home for the 3 pigs. Here are some of this year's pig houses...

Johnny chose to make his house edible with 
marshmallow bricks, a jellybean tree, and coconut grass!

Kaylee decided to scare her wolf away with 
Halloween decorations.

Elena's Electric house was decorated inside & out!

Aren't Emely's marshmallow piggies the cutest!?

Emily's house may look flimsy,
but it had a few tricks up its sleeve.

Dustin & Dominick used Lego bricks to build their houses.
A police force kept the Lego wolf at bay.

Eli's pigs enjoyed sunbathing on the roof of his futuristic looking house.

Kaitlyn made her own clay to create her piggy!
King's pig house was camouflaged to match the desert surroundings.
Nizhonni's two story house was built of some very pretty "bricks"

Isaiah's 30 second teepee looks like the Wigwam Motel.
Tanisha used straws to built her fence, and spoons for her palm trees.

Trevaughn made his home out of Marshmallows & toothpicks.

Here's our little pig house neighborhood. : )

Thanks to all who participated in this extra credit project!

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