Tuesday, October 8, 2013

CSI: Crime Scene Inferencing

On Family Reading Night last week the 4th grade classes hosted Crime Scene investigation activities.

Using inferencing skills students were challenged to solve the four mysteries by reading a short story and viewing the clues. The activity was a hit with parents and students alike. Here are some photos of our "Crime Scenes"

The "crimes" were all silly & non violent. The suspects were all teachers/ staff at the school. 

One crime was : Who drew mustaches all over Miss Jaster's Josh Groban scrapbook?
The culprit was Mr. Hansen, who was jealous of Josh's curly hair. ; )

Another case involved Miss Reidhead brining a bunch of cows to school as a joke.

Then there was crazy Miss Jaster who stole the Winslow Bulldog mascot.

Mr. Ferguson was also a criminal. He stole all the school's toilet paper to decorate for his birthday party. 

Mr. Ferguson also made these funny "Law & Order"
style disclaimers. :) 

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