Saturday, January 7, 2012

Snow Globe Stories

We wrote about being trapped in a snow globe, and created this awesome art project to go with it.

Here are a few of my favorite snow globe stories.

On Christmas day my grandma got m some solid gold shoes, but I didn't wear them, I hung them on my wall. My friends Deon & Tyson came over and came in my room. They saw the shoes and dared me to put them on, so I did. I tapped the heels together and suddenly I flashed out of the house. The pressure on my face was so hard I instantly fell asleep.
When I woke up I found myself in a giant snow globe! But it wasn't giant, it was a REAL small snow globe! I wasn't alone, there was a monkey there too! The monkey and I became best friends, but I was still wondering how to get out of there. It seemed like I lost my memory, I couldn't remember how I got in the snow globe. I looked around and suddenly I looked down at my shoes! I forgot that my gold shoes had got me into the snow globe in the first place. I tapped them together but nothing happened. I tapped again, still nothing! I tapped again, and again. Soon I started banging them and the monkey got so scared he ran into the igloo. I banged them together so hard they cracked and broke. I just sat there looking at them. My temper started to rise. I picked up one shoe and threw it. It hit the glass and I heard a crack. The water was draining. It was so strong that it sucked me and the monkey out. It threw us out. I was about to hit the glass, but then I woke up. It was all a dream! I was so happy! So, I went back to sleep.
By: Coran

One cold winter day I woke up and found myself trapped inside a snowglobe! I panicked! I was scared. Then a giant snowman came up to me and almost smashed me! I ran as fast as I could. I ran into a house, a gingerbread house! It was like a dream to me, but in real life. I pinched myself. It was not a dream, it was real! I looked for an exit, but there was not one. I tried to break out, but I couldn't break the glass. Some people came out of the house, they were gingerbread people. They tried to get me out of there, and then they tried to eat me! They thought I was a cookie. I kept trying to get out of there. I got some of the candy off the house and hit a tree.I smashed the glass and I was out of there. I was free forever.
By: Darius

One cold winter day I woke up and found myself trapped in a snowglobe. I got up and said "What am I in?" I knocked on the glass. I was angry because I wanted out of there! I sat there until I saw a town and a fluffy snowman. Wow! The snowman was not real with snow, it was plastic. It had a hat with stripes on it. I grabbed the fluffy snowman and ran at the wall. THUNK!! There I was, lying on the snow. I heard a crack in the glass. I jumped to my feet and stared. There the glass went crashing down like tiny rocks. I was as excited as a bee! I got free from the glass, climbed down from the shelf, and left the house.
By: Deon

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