Saturday, January 7, 2012

Elves for Hire

Tyson the Elf
by Tyson

My name is Tyson. I am a 2 foot man, you know me as Santa's helper. I'm the one who goes to your house in a teeny red or green suit that gives presents to you for my boss, SANTA! Apparently, I don't get paid, that's why I'm a helper. But I love helping small precious kids without parents or presents. Every fantastic year us tiny talented helpers create presents and wrap them for little kids. What I mean by talented is: we make toys, stack gifts as high as 1,000 feet, wrap toys, and go down the chimneys. We go around the humongous amazing Earth delivering 30 presents in less than 15 seconds at each house. There is a whole bunch of houses! This is Tyson the Elf. The End.

by Kyle

Dear Santa,
I would be a great worker Elf for you because I made a toy truck for my brother. I made a homemade vase for my grandma. I made some jewelry for my grandpa, that's how he learned how to make jewelry. My height is 4 feet tall and I am very flexible. I like to wear tights and Elf costumes too. I could even make my ears get pointy. If you hire me I would be there right away and I would be so happy and do whatever you say! I'll be there and do it. Plus I am a good boy and I do lots of stuff.

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