Sunday, October 4, 2015

Funny "History"

Students were given the following two images and told to incorporate them both into their writing.

This was my favorite take on the writing prompt, by Cody. 

" Did you know that back in Abraham Lincoln's day that everything was black and white? Then why, do you ask, is everything in color? I can tell you, my friend, why. Not many people know this, but Abe Lincoln was not just a president, but an inventor as well! He invented the 'Painter 3000!' Well, his invention got out of hand, and he flew around the world on his out of control painter, and the world finally had color. Everything and everyone was happy with the change except for Abe's sheep, which head butted him in the stomach like billy goats until he painted every one of them white , except for the black sheep because he ran out of paint, and then went to the theater that night. That is why we have color, and why some sheep and white and some sheep are black, but most are white. 

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