Monday, September 7, 2015

Cell Models!

Back in 5th grade this year, & starting out with a bang. This extra credit project was a huge hit, though I think we all had too much cake to eat! The directions were simple: make a cell model (plant or animal) out of whatever you want. My students are so creative! Here are the cell models of the people who had blogger permission slips signed. (Don't see yours? Get that green slip back to me!) 

Cell cookies, by Kyan. 

Bella's Cell Cake

Jeremiah's Cell Cake 

McKenna's Cell Cake 

MorningRain's Cell Cake! 

McKenzie's Cell Jello

Cody's Lego Cell 

Araceli's fondant topped Cell Cake 
Anahi's Cell Cake 

Sara's Playdough Cell 

Thanks for  participating kids! 

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