Thursday, October 25, 2012

Officer K & Abo

During Red Ribbon Week (Drug Awareness) we had an extra special visitor come to our class.
Timothy's dad is a K9 Officer for the Holbrook Police Department. He came in with his beautiful dog Abo, to show us what they do.

They did a really cool demonstration for us, showing how Abo can sniff out even the faintest amount of drug odor on an object. The dog alerted almost immediately after coming into the room. He go very excited and let his partner know where the rag with the drug odor was hidden, then he was able to play with his favorite toy as a reward. (In the picture below the rag with the drug odor on it was in the box under the table.)

Thanks so much Timothy for sharing your dad & his dog with us! Also, a big thank you to Office Kishbaugh & his furry partner. We all really enjoyed your visit.

Here's what some of the kids had to say about it.

"Abo is a mean but cute dog, Officer Kishbaugh is an officer who deal with people who do drugs." -Chan

"I learned that there is lots of different K9 dogs, I also learned they are big too." -Emma

"He's an awesome cop & he knows what he's doing." -Julian

"I learned cop dogs have to be trained on 4 to 2 things. Also I learned that some dogs may look nice, but they are aggressive." -Dalton

"I learned you should never do drugs. I also learned don't mess with dogs unless you know that they are going to do." -Karl

"What I learned when Mr. Kishbaugh was here is not to do drugs. I also learned about his dog Abo, he can smell marijuana." -Diana

" A dog can smell one million times better than a human. Dogs can smell drugs in cars and even when it is sprayed with perfume." -Isaac

"What I learned from Officer Kishbaugh is don't mess with drugs and be drug free. Also, don't smoke or drink." - Baha

 for visiting our class & teaching us what you do to keep our city safe! :) 

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