Sunday, October 30, 2011

Happy Halloween

Hollow bags and kids eating Jello
And leaves all red, orange, and yellow
Leaves are falling all around
Landing everywhere on the cold ground
Orange pumpkins on every block
Witches, ghouls, and long black socks
Even kids with different baskets
Every door are vampire caskets
Now it's time to go to bed, and Frankenstein has a big head

By Coran
(Who also won the Red Ribbon Week poetry contest! Congratulations!)

Here are some photos from our Halloween Party... look at those groovy costumes!

Thanks for all the healthy treats at our Halloween Party parents! :)

This fun fruit tray was delivered by the nurse. Some weird stuff on here including: rambutans, chimoya, crab apples, baby kiwi, sea beans, & carnival cauliflower! Fun and nutritious!

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