Thursday, March 31, 2011


Check out these games:

Sheppard Software

Great games to reinforce those math skills before AIMS!
Go play and have fun! :)


  1. Hello its me Katarina I saw the ice cream pictures. I miss you. My house is very nice and my school is too.Can you tell Arianna Leanna and Aricca I miss them and I cant stop thinking about them. My last day of school is Friday June 3. Today was no school and Monday is no school. p.s. me and Sarah miss you alot and if I have any problems ill call you cause i still have your number. love Katarina

  2. We miss you to Katarina. : ) I'm glad you like your new house & school and we all thought of you today when I showed the end of the year photos... everyone said awww at the pic of you and Sarah. They miss you too! & I will give the girls your message when I see them!

    Love- Miss Jaster


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