Sunday, October 24, 2010

Pig House Project

As an extension to the story in our reading book, "The Three Little Cyberpigs,"
each year we challenge the 4th graders to create their own house out of materials they have around. The house had to protect the 3 pigs from the wolf. Here are this year's submissions.

Jonah's House of Toast. This was a favorite of many.

Bailey used cardboard & tinfoil.

Marco's house had get-away cars!

Sabrina used wax covered paper cups.

Adam's house was camouflaged to hide it from the wolf.

Arianna's house had barred windows to keep that wolf out!
I really love the pop can tabs across the top!

Brett made the piggies a high rise apartment.

Katarina's pig house had a cool interior like a maze to confuse the wolf!

Gavino's house had a device at the door to "clothesline" the wolf if he tried to get in.

Dallas used fire to keep his wolf at bay,
see him trying to sneak down the chimney?

Bubble wrap and Styrofoam make the wolf bounce right off this house by Leanna.

Shilaine used leaves to camouflage her house form the prying eyes of the wolf.

Tynen covered his house with funny papers so the wolf will laugh himself away!

Daelyn made a tepee for her piggies, complete with a rug that she wove herself!

Nichole's house was made of wood and mud and was guarded by a fierce army of doggies.

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