Sunday, August 15, 2010


At the beginning of every month each student is responsible for turning in a book report on a chapter book of 40 pages or more that is read AT HOME. Here are some ideas for more creative book reports. The first book report is due the Wednesday after Labor Day weekend, September 8th.

1.Book Report Poster: Draw your favorite scene from the book, write a paragraph telling what is happening in that scene. Your poster should also include: Setting, Characters, and a plot summary (You can do this on the back of the poster if you need more space).

2.Book Report Box: Get an old cereal box or other box. Cover it with paper. On the front illustrate a scene from the book, or draw the cover (Include the title & author). On one side list the “ingredients” (the characters & setting). On the other side write a review of the book (Tell other people why they should read it and what you thought of it.) On the back write a summary of the story.

3.Book Trading Cards: Get some large index cards. The front of each should have an illustration that goes with the writing on the back. You need cards for the following things: 2-3 Character cards, 1 setting card, 3 cards for the plot (beginning middle & end), 1 card for the title & author (draw the book cover on the front), and a card with a book review on it. After you finish your cards bind them together with a ring or some string.

4. Book Report Sandwich: You can draw your own pieces or get them from me.
On the top slice of bread, write the title and the author of .
On the lettuce, the student write a brief summary of the book.
On the tomato slice write about the main character
On the mayonnaise, describe the book's setting.
On the Swiss cheese, share the book's climax (most exciting part).
On the ham slice, describe the plot.
On the bottom piece of bread,draw a favorite scene from the story.

* has this cool tool you can use to type 7 print a report in this style. It won't be in the shape of a sandwich, but it's really easy to use!

5. Book Report in a Bag: Get a paper bag. On the front of the bag write the title & Author of the book, along with your name. On the back of the bag write a summary of the book. Inside the bag put 3-7 objects that represent characters or places in the story. On a sheet of paper explain what each of these things represent.

Of course traditional book reports are welcome too. They must be a page long and include the following: Title, Author, Characters, Setting, & a Plot Summary.

The option to share any book report with the class is available for extra points!

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