Saturday, May 22, 2010

The Last Week of School

There will be no homework this week IF THE CLASS IS GOOD! :)

Monday & Tuesday will be like normal school days with normal work,
except maybe some extra recess time for good behavior. : )

Wednesday morning we will probably be having a First Aid class taught by my dad.
I've done this with my classes before and they have always had lots of fun
while learning a useful skill.

Wednesday Afternoon at 2pm is the Honors Assembly for the last 9 weeks.
I will also be giving prizes for accelerated math this afternoon and giving you your points to spend at the "prize store".

Thursday Morning we will be playing/watching kickball with the other 4th grade classes.
While we are already out of the tournament (from Field Day), we can stick around to see who the 4th grade champs are and maybe even play a game with the other non-qualifying team.

Thursday afternoon at 2pm we will go the the high school for a choir performance.

Friday will be spent cleaning up the classroom & desks and handing in books.
School is only half a day on Friday, students will be dismissed at 11:55.

I can't wait to see you again in the fall.
To those of you moving I will miss you VERY VERY MUCH!

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