Friday, April 30, 2010

Petrified Forest Field Trip

What a pretty view!
enjoying the view

Ranger Sarah, telling us about the Park. She was awesome!
Ranger Sarah

We learned about fossils from the Park paleontologist. Those are real bones on the left!
Real fossils & replica skull

This skull was a replica of one found in the Park.
park paleontologist

Back on the bus!

Hike to the dig site.
hiking to the dig site

Such pretty scenery!
View from the Dig site.

First steps: measure the dig area and divide it into smaller boxes.
Then start clearing the sand with trowels & brushes!
preparing the area, brushing away the dirt

Look! We found something! We mark our finds with flags.

Mr. Jaster (Miss Jaster's dad) pitches in to help.
my dad :)

Next we map the dig site, drawing everything that is marked with red flags.
mapping the site

We decide that ancient people probably used this area to cook and make tools.
Flagging our finds.

We can see the Painted Desert from where we had our picnic lunch.
Some of us venture closer for a better view.
Painted Desert

Others use binoculars to take in the scenery!
What a view!

Lunchtime. No picnic is complete without ants!
Lunch & Ants

Back on board the bus!
on the road again

We stop at Puerco Pueblo to see where the ancient Indians lived.
Stay on the Trail!

We see some really neat rock carvings, or petroglyphs.

The remains of an ancient village.
Puerco Pueblo

Then we stop at the south end of the park and hike on the Giant Logs Trail.
Kids Hiking

Pretty neat huh?
Petrified Wood

It's a whole petrified tree!
Petrified Tree

Giant Logs Trail

Petrified Wood

They had some cool dinosaur bones in the museum.

One of them tried to eat us!
Kids, NOM!!!

We thought this diorama was pretty cool!

We had a great time on our field trip. Thanks to all the people at the Park who made it so awesome, especially Ranger Sarah & her paleontologist friend. :)

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