Saturday, March 6, 2010

Iditarod Project

The Iditarod starts today!

Check out some cool articles
HERE @ the Official Iditarod Blog: EYE ON THE TRAIL

Scholastic also has a very kid friendly Iditarod website
Check it out HERE!

Starting Monday we will be moving our mushers along the trail and tracking them on our Musher Maps in class! We'll also be making some Iditarod graphs with statistics, reading Akiak, and writing our Musher bios! Lots of fun to come! :)

I've added links to some of the games we play in class to the side of the blog in the links list.
New links include...Spelling City(use Mrs. Smithson's page), Playing with Perimeter & Area, & Shape Surveyor (more perimeter & area).

Have a great weekend! :)

~Miss Jaster

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